22-23 June 2022


Dates 22 and 23 June
Location Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
Formatec booth Nr. 5
Floorplan Floorplan 3D Production Days
The trade fair about 3D scanning, prototyping, 3D printing and other Additive Manufacturing techniques

Product development has specific challenges and moments of choice. Which techniques are most suitable when your product concept moves to prototyping and final production? Low volume, rapid or on demand production play an important role during this process. Flexibility is paramount, as is quickly responding to customer questions.

Which 3D production techniques do you choose and how do you integrate them into your existing processes?

During RapidPro you will discover a wide range of 3D production techniques for the high-tech and manufacturing industry. Think of: 3D scanning, 3D printing (plastic, metal and ceramics), laser cladding, FDM, EBM and SLS, but also techniques such as CNC milling, casting and vacuum forming.

Together with our sister company Admatec Europe, Formatec will show you the almost unlimited possibilites of using the Admaflex technology for prototyping and serial production of ceramic components.

For more information on the RapidPro 2022, visit RapidPro website