Congress & Exhibition

9-13 October 2022


Dates 9 - 13 October 2022
Location Lyon Convention Centre, Lyon, France
Lecture information MIM of Tungsten and Molybdenum

Formatec will present her latest developments on MIM of Tungsten and Molybdenum on this world renowned event 


Shaping high melting refractory metals like molybdenum and tungsten from powder has been proven a tough challenge because its refractoriness. A metal injection moulding (MIM) process has been developed for high purity molybdenum, tungsten and oxide dispersion strengthened tungsten (ODS). Employing MIM allows for obtaining small grain sizes, controlled doping and isotropic properties. Furthermore MIM is a net shape technique, avoiding difficult machining steps or joining processes, and reducing material waste In this presentation an overview of the manufacturing process will be given, as well as the results of microstructural and mechanical characterisation.

The Powder Metallurgy World Congress is only held in Europe once every six years and is an essential destination for the international PM community to meet its suppliers, producers and end-users and to discover the latest innovations in PM technology.

World PM2022 will furthermore feature a world class technical programme as well as exhibition, showcasing the latest developments from the global PM Supply Chain. World PM2022 is an all-topic powder metallurgy event featuring:

  • Powder Production
  • Consolidation technologies (Compaction and Sintering, MIM, HIP, FAST, AM beam based technologies, AM sinter based technologies, …)
  • Materials (Ferrous & Non ferrous materials, Light materials, Hight temperature materials, Functional materials, Hard metals, cermets and diamond tools, …)
  • Applications (Biomedical, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, …)
  • Tools for improving PM (Test and evaluation, Secondary operations, Design and modelling, Life Cycle Analysis, Digitization, …)


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