17-18 November 2020

Functional Materials Seminar

Dates 17-18 November
Location Ceit-IK4, Donostia, San Sebastián, Spain
Lecture information

Tuesday 17 November, 14:30 - 15:00

"Semi-insulative zirconia for ESD dissipation" by Ing. Joost van Eijk

Seminar supporting the PM community with up-to-day technical information

Functional Materials can be defined in different ways. Typically, they make use of a distinct physical property other than bearing load. Examples of such properties are the magnetic, electrical, optical, biomedical, chemical, rheological or thermal ones, along with their combinations. They may also enable specific manufacturing processes in the form of temporary agents, due to their chemical, rheological or other physical characteristics.

The demand of non-structural components is growing in various sectors such as electronics, energy and healthcare. Moreover, new applications are emerging because of the demand to integrate several functionalities in a single component. Powder technologies - encompassing powder production, shaping, consolidation and post-consolidation processes - are at the origin of many functional devices. The growing understanding of powder-based processes has increased the ability to implement functionality into components, making functional materials an important part in current applications and future developments. These ones offer a new opportunity of expansion to the Powder Metallurgy (PM) sector.

A panel of experts will present examples of actual and future applications of PM functional components, explaining the key requirement to provide the functionality, as well as covering the fabrication, structure and properties of the material/component. Attending to the application sector, presentations have being divided in four major categories:

  • Functional PM materials in transportation applications
  • Functional PM materials in energy applications
  • Functional PM materials in medical applications
  • Functional PM materials in other applications

To find all information including the seminar's programme, visit https://seminars.epma.com/fm-2020/home